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About Us

An Introduction

New Destiny Arts offers creative programs to help people live happy, healthy, meaningful lives. Knowing creative expression takes many forms, we focus on disciplines which we believe to be especially effective in promoting a complete sense of well-being. These include the visual and performing arts, enterprise, invention, fitness and sustainable, natural living.

Through our work in these "life arts", we want to help inspire fresh perspectives and enable people from all walks of life, all over the world to realize an excellent destiny. We partner with individuals and groups globally and throughout the Caribbean region to serve the Eastern Caribbean area and the local Montserrat community.

What We Do

  • Bring people together in various creative activities to help enhance life for themselves and others.

  • Arrange courses, seminars, camps and fundraisers with an aim to enrich lives.

  • Promote programs and services related to health, wellness, sustainable living, recreation and fitness through comprehensive media campaigns, or through selected forms such as video and the internet.

  • Create opportunities for artists to collaborate on, develop and share their arts.

  • Offer a varied selection of fun options for keeping fit and healthy.

Our Mission

Enhance health and prosperity for many by encouraging disciplined practice of creative pursuits.

A Message from the Founder

Welcome to Newdestinyarts.com! This venture is very exciting for me, as it is a chance for me to share some of the things I love most. All my life I have been drawn to the beautiful and artistic. This is no doubt what led me to my career as a television producer, this desire to be creative and capture some of the life I see around me. When I am not making documentaries and other TV shows, you will likely find me dancing or singing. My dance practise as an adult has changed my life in so many ways. It is this amazing process of growth through creative expression that I hope New Destiny Arts will encourage, in order to make many lives better. I would like New Destiny Arts to be a place for people to share their creative journeys, even as i share mine.


Natalie Edgecombe