Abundance Everywhere, Everyday.

Regular excerise helps improve mood.

Carry a water bottle as a reminder to drink water all day.

Grow something to eat! It helps to make us healthier and happier.

Chronic stress can increase risk for many diseases.

Healthy people 45 years and older should have their blood sugar levels tested every 3 years.

For people of afro heritage, blood sugar screening should start at 30 years old, and be more frequent.

In order to feel relaxed, motivated and focused, try a taking up a hobby.

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  • SEP 29

    Dance Worship Class -READ MORE

    Worship dance based on ancient traditional hebrew steps.

    Day and time: Saturdays | Time TBA

  • DEC 1


    Series about the goodness of the land. Powerful plants and fruits.

  • FEB 2

    Fit for Praise

    Keep fit and happy

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